Conscious Breakup - How to Have an Evolutionary Relationship Transition

Congratulations on your Transition!

You are probably feeling pretty raw and ragged. My heart goes out to you, I’ve been there too!! You will make it through, and be stronger and better for it. This is a huge opportunity for growth, for self connection and for learning about how to be in new friendship with your former partner. You have an opportunity to live heart wide open, and to do deep healing and create a level of love and trust with the divine that you previously didn’t know was possible.
These transitions can indeed be difficult emotionally, and often that is because of the hopes, dreams and attachments we had to the people we were in relationship. Know that it all happens in your highest good, and you WILL heal. Even if you don’t feel like it right now. Below are the conversations we suggest you have with your former partner to ease your transition, and to create a healthy transition.
Step 1. Own It.
You created your partner, you created your emotional responses to your partner. You created this transition, and it is in your highest good. End of Story. You are 100% at cause. AND, so are they, 100%.
Step 2. Drop it.
Have the "official" conversation. Be loving and honest, and be done. Drop any tears that need to be shed, drop any stories you had about what might have been. Drop it.
Step 3. Talk it out.
The Healing Conversations:
1.The physical stuff you need to move around.
2.The emotional stuff that was unsaid.
3.The "how do we transition the relationship" conversation.
Once you've completed these once. You repeat the cycle again, but with these substitutions for themes..
Step 4 - The Shit We Got Convo
1.Money, jewels and assets. Settle all debts.
2.I hate you, we were bad together because. I lied about.. The things you left unsaid.
3.The "how do we spend time together" conversation
Then Drop It.
Then if needed. Repeat Step 1 - The Healing Convo from your new selves and truths. Then...
Step 5 - The Things We Left Unsaid
1.If I could give you one gift, one wish for the future.
2.I wish I had told you I loved you/thankyou/oh my goddess/wow, when you did this....
3.You were hot in bed when you did this...
4.My favorite part about our time together was.
The timing on all of these conversations can be as short as a week or month, or they can take years. It really depends on how well people are able to process their emotions and how quickly they are ready to let go and move on.
Sending tons of love, and wishing you all the best in your transition.